By entering this order, I understand that I am willingly participating in the Epic Impact Event and grant permission to take pictures, record, and duplicate any and all recordings during the event.

I also understand that there are NO refunds or credits for any event tickets including the Gala Dinner or Beach Party.


Do I Need To Purchase a Ticket For My Spouse?

To attend any part of the event, your Spouse will need to have a CA/Spouse ticket.

We Want to Attend the Gala Dinner and/or Beach Party- Does My Child/Spouse/CA Need a Ticket?

Spouses/CA's will need their own ticket(s) to attend the Gala Dinner and/or Beach Party. Children under 10 may attend either event at no cost, but as the Gala Dinner is a formal event, we encourage you to attend on your own.

How Do I Book My Rooms?

Visit our venue information page for details on the resort and information on how to book your rooms at Paradise Point Resort + Spa.

The resort sells out EVERY TIME- without exception- so book your rooms at the discounted rate ASAP because once the initial room block is booked, the prices go up!

I Went To Checkout and My Promo Code Isn't Working- What Do I Do?

Make sure you have the correct code, that it's spelled right, and you're entering it in all lowercase. If you're still having difficulties, please contact support@epicpractice.com.

I Need To Update My Attendee Info- Where Do I Do That?

Starting 1 month before the event, we will be sending out emails where you can update/change your attendee info, so keep an eye out!

When Does the Event Start/End?