Doc- Are You Tired of Struggling Without a Solid Plan to Grow?

Discover the Proven Strategies to Next Level Goal Setting and Building a Plan to Achieve Them


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You Know Who You Are Doc...

For over a decade I've been teaching Docs how to properly Goal Set and precisely how to create a blueprint that  assures they succeed.

Over 1,000 docs have joined us for our annual planning intensives and I've learned that there are three types of 'goal setters':

Goal Dabbler:

Every year you think about setting goals and eventually you may even get around to it.  When (If) you do, you typically 'guess' what the important goals are and worse yet, you really have no idea what an 'appropriate' goal is in all life's Key Areas.

Goal Dreamer:

You understand the power of a vision and love dreaming about what practice, your relationships, your finance and your family 'could' look like.  Your 'goals' reflect those 'dreams' and you set them with good intentions yet you have no concrete PLAN to achieve them.

Goal Digger:

You absolutely own the fact that your brain doesn't know the difference between a clear sensory vision and reality so you develop a crystal clear vision of your future to pull you forward as well as a powerful purpose to push.  You establish non-negotiable guard rails based off of your values and you set Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Goals with detailed Action Items to assure you achieve them.  You use a proven system to stay on top of your pursuit giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are on track like a GPS Map to your Epic Future.

Regardless of which of the three Goal Archetypes you are, where you are now or how many times you've tried to plan your year, you can learn to set goals that stretch you.  Most importantly, you can (and will) build a plan using proven tools that assures that you nail your goals.

On Saturday, Dec 4th over the course of 2 1/2 hours you WILL create the goals and blueprint to give you more confidence for success in the upcoming year than ever before.

It's Time To Close the Gap Between Your Dreams and Your Reality!

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Creating YOUR Epic Practice & Life Key #1: Know Your Key KPI's

There are a lot of things to keep an eye on in practice yet only 5 Key Metrics that are critical to set goals to and to track. Discover the 5 KPI's, how to set your goals toward them and how to use them to assure success in 2022As opposed to being driven purely by the emotional ups and downs of practice, let the numbers drive you toward Epic success.

Creating YOUR Epic Practice & Life Key #2: EPIC Goal Setting

New Years Resolutions are for lay people. As a business owner you need a strong vision to pull, an Epic purpose to push and BIG goals to to keep you in pursuit mode.We're not talking about a few numbers written on a note pad by the way... there is a proven system to setting yourself up to succeed. Not doing so sets you up to fail.

Creating YOUR Epic Practice & Life Key #3: Your Success Blueprint

The simple act of having thought through and documented your goals will produce growth. When you take those goals and build them into a Success Blueprint using proven planning tools, your ACTIONS follow your goals. Your Epic Blueprint will be your GPS Map to get you to your destination... More Impact, More Wealth and More Freedom.

During this 2 1/2 Hour Live Intensive You Will:

  • Discover the 12 Areas of Life That Need Goals
  • Identify the 5 Practice KPI's that Drive Your Success
  • Learn Precisely How to Set Proper Goals that Lead to Success; Not Frustration
  • Discover Proprietary Planning Tools to Build Your Epic Practice and Life
  • Gain Access to 4 Powerful Proprietary Goal Setting & Planning Tools
  • Walk Away with Your Complete Plan for Q1 During the Intensive

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  • Access to the Live Goal Setting & Planning Intensive (zoom)
  • Small Group Breakouts Led By Epic Experts (leave with Q1 plan done)
  • Full Intensive Recordings
  • 12 Category Goal Setting Workbook (download)
  • 2022 Practice KPI Monthly Calendar Workbook (17 Page download)
  • The 2022 Strategic Action Planner (175 Page download)
  • The 2022 Epic Wall Planner (3' x 4' download)

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What Makes This Workshop So Different and So Life Changing?

This isn't a 'webinar'.  We show up, roll up our sleeves and get to work as if life is at stake because well, we believe it is.  You wont be scrolling insta while some guru pontificates on the virtual stage.

You will work. You will be challenged.  You will be engaged and you will be led through a proven process to set your KPI Goals and build the blueprint to achieve them.

You will break into small workgroups to talk down any questions, use the tools you are provided and put pen to paper.

You'll leave the 2 1/2 hour workshop with Q1 of YOUR 2022 PERSONAL BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS and have the tools and knowledge to continue to utilize your plan to assure your best year in practice and in life!

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