Dr. Dave Hanson & His Rockstar CA, Natasha Rominski

From Dr. Dave Hanson on CA, Natasha Rominski: “I wanted to encourage all the docs to bring their CA’s to the Impact event. Here’s what my head CA had to say after her first Impact event: 

“EPIC Impact was nothing short of a life changing event. I had only been employed with Hanson Family Chiropractic for about 6 months, but as I progressed through care as a patient and learned more about being a CA, I knew I was on to something BIG. Not only was chiropractic transforming my life physically, but I was working in a position that was helping to fulfill me spiritually in a way I never dreamed possible. How could things possibly get better? Enter EPIC Impact. I was amazed that Dr. Dave & Kristen were willing to invest so much in me so quickly. Flights, hotels, meals, in addition to a multiple day seminar, was no small feat. Quite frankly, it was also a great risk. Having managed people before, I knew there were no guarantees in business and sometimes you invest in the wrong people. They must have just taken the leap of faith, and I’m ever so grateful that they did.

Have you ever watched a movie/documentary, read a book, or participated in a conversation that was so moving you wanted to share it with the world? This is EPIC Impact. We were immersed in activity from the very start to the very end. Lectures, classes, conversations, not just about chiropractic, but life. These weren’t cookie cutter classes, or kumbaya sessions. They were a compilation of real, raw, and beautifully flawed life stories that renewed and inspired everyone listening. The EPIC community was teaching its members that we fail and succeed together. We grow and learn together. We are connected in this human experience and can likewise share this miraculous chiropractic gift of health with others, together.

EPIC Impact helped solidify everything I felt about chiropractic. I was empowered by my own innate ability to heal and thrive, and reenergized in our mission to change the way people think about health. Prior to EPIC Impact, I knew conceptually that chiropractic was so much more than just adjustments, but was unable to put words to what I was feeling. If I hadn’t experienced EPIC Impact, I might have lost the magnitude of what I was learning. Instead, EPIC Impact gave me the language, reassurance and affirmation I needed to take on an entire “health” care system. I left San Diego knowing that being a CA isn’t about answering phones and making appointments. It’s about connecting with people who need healing, entering the conversation about health, and reinforcing philosophically everything that Dr. Dave does physically in the chiropractic adjustment. If you are unsure about whether or not to take the leap of faith and invest in Impact, I strongly encourage you to do so.

You are only as strong as your weakest link so bring your tribe with. Make the time and take the risk because your practice will become nothing short of EPIC!”

Dr. Dave Hanson & His Rockstar CA, Natasha Rominski Hanson Family Chiropractic
Dr. Jami Rasmussen

“Two years ago I attended my first Epic Impact event. I will never miss another! I went into the event with a nice practice and a comfortable lifestyle. Thinking it would be fun to hang out with other like-minded chiropractors and hit the beach, I signed up. When the event finished, I left with a sense of purpose that is difficult to explain. Within 100 days of that event, I added 150 weekly patient visits and shattered beliefs that kept me playing small. So many great things happened following that event and I am 100% certain that attending this event is what put it all in motion. The value this event delivers- if followed through on- has the potential to 10X your life. It did for me!”

Dr. Jami Rasmussen Health Path Chiropractic
Dr. Katie DeVries

“Epic Impact is where I threw down the past and raced for the future! I went to the event excited but not knowing what to expect and with poor hopes that maybe something could save me from wanting to give up….and it turns out it SAVED MY PRACTICE, MY FAMILY and MY DREAM. There is nothing in my life that Epic impact didn’t touch somehow and ((even better)) CHANGE. I came back excited and on a mission. My practice almost tripled and we went from 7% pediatrics to 44% in less than 6 months. I continue to grow, love, dream, and get excited for saving this beautiful thing we call “life.” There is no other event you will go to where you feel loved, cared for and touched than Epic Impact.”

Dr. Katie DeVries NorthStone Family Chiropractic
Dr. James Peterson

I love the EPIC Impact events because it feels like a big family reunion! I’m not just another attendee, but a family member. The events are all geared toward arming us with the tools to experience an Epic life not only in our practices, but also in our personal lives.

The events and training has given me the knowledge, confidence and certainty to talk to anyone and everyone about chiropractic.

It has also taught me how to create a vision for an abundant life and not settling for less!

I would recommend all the EPIC programs to anyone seeking certainty, authenticity and living a purposed filled life.

Dr. James Peterson Breath of Life Wellness Center
Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Last year was my first Impact experience. I was not planning to go, but some Epic angels made sure I got there, and I will be forever grateful for that experience. I had heard over and over again that Impact is a life changing event, and it lived up to that statement by far. It’s difficult for me to put my finger on ONE individual that sparked a change in my mindset, but listening to the mentors, Jake, Elise, Tony, Jeff, Krysti, & Lauren, share their experiences was one of my favorites. Impact changed my practice almost immediately. We had 20% growth in patient visits in the last 2 months of the year following Impact. Impact and Epic have given me the certainty to be my authentic self in practice, and also in life. I’m happier, less stressed, and am seeing the patients that bring me joy, which is pediatric and prenatal patients. I can’t speak enough about Epic Practice and the family that I have gained through this organization. For the first time in my chiropractic career, I have people that are truly supportive of my vision and my journey, with no judgement, and no sense that anyone is better than the other, and tons of encouragement to step into your fears and break through boundaries and self limitations to grow an Epic Practice and Epic Life.

Dr. Jennifer Thompson Balance Chiropractic & Wellness
Dr. Kylie Simnioniw

“The Tuesday after we got back from Epic Impact, I sat down with my team for 3 hours to plan out our consistent marketing calendar for 2016. It is not perfect but done beats perfect. We have consistent events each month and a flow to the calendar which will help us to stay focused and not doing a ton of events within a two week time period and then nothing for 2 months. Consistency was key with family time, social media time (3-4 posts a day, one with a question, etc.), even with the flow in the office regarding new patients and progress scans and in all areas of life so that we can create an EPIC life for our whole team. Can’t wait to see where this focus leads us!”

Dr. Kylie Simnioniw Simnioniw Family Chiropractic
Dr. Angela Aberg

“Our practice numbers have all shot up! I am jazzed most about my PVA up from 23 to 51. To me, that means I am getting better at communicating and inspiring others to live the chiropractic lifestyle. And my income doubling is awesome too!
My CA came back from Epic Impact ON FIRE! She has been a CA for about one year and after Epic Impact she is ALL IN on the chiropractic lifestyle.
I really appreciate the sincerity, honesty and the loving kick in the pants from Dr. David Jackson and the willingness of Dr. Tony Ebel to share and teach everything he knows about taking care of children has been invaluable!
Being a part of the Epic family feels like I am home after a long vacation. The trainings and online community are filled with ideas, great information, encouragement and love!”

Dr. Angela Aberg Escondido Hills Chiropractic
Dr. Jeff Burrowes

“My “One Thing” from Epic Impact was to get into my community more, especially social media. Since Impact, I have more page likes, more conversations/engagement, and more comments on the videos I’ve started posting so people can get to know and like me before they come in. My existing patients are more engaged which is very important since I felt they were flat (which was my fault). Looking forward to the rest of 2015 to continue on this path and finish this last quarter strong!”

Dr. Jeff Burrowes Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic