The SMRT 90 Day Practice Accelerator:
Unleash the Power of AI


SMRT AI is an all in one marketing platform designed specifically for Chiropractors by Chiropractors. SMRT will effortlessly help you automate acquiring new patients, improving conversions, enhancing patient education, maximizing retention, and boosting profits. Discover the power of AI, Automations all created for you by the Professions top practice success expert.


Experience Unprecedented Growth & Ease- Join the
SMRT 90-Day Practice Accelerator

ChatGPT and AI is transforming business as you know it and if you want to finally break free, grow your practice, simplify your systems and save hundreds of hours a year, this is your opportunity.

I'm Dr. David Jackson and having trained over 8,700 Chiropractors like you to build their dream practices, and more importantly, dream lives, I've seen it all.

Until now.

The power of leveraging AI and specifically ChatGPT and using SMRT Automations is a true game-changer.

'Game-Changer' is an overused phrase but when you realize what YOU can do with this tech combined with my experience, that's exactly what will happen to your practice.

When you combine my expertise as a Chiropractor, my world-class marketing and copywriting skills and my experience as a chiro coach/trainer with my 600+ hours of intense discovery into AI and Automations with this technology- let's just say you'll be happy... very happy.

Anyone can type a few things into ChatGPT and get a good response back and if you're looking for 'good', this opportunity is not for you.

If you are looking for 'amazing', look no further.

I am inviting a small group of Chiropractors like yourself to join me for a 90 Day Practice Accelerator toward your epic practice.  Chiros like you that see the unparalleled opportunity and advantages of leveraging AI and Automations will provide. Docs that want it all. Docs that want more by doing less.

Docs who are SMRT.

The SMRT 90 Day Accelerator is a live 90 day training program centered around leveraging AI and Automations to help you grow in service, profit and freedom.

We will meet live on Zoom weekly for four weeks then bi-weekly for 8 weeks.  I will be there every step of the way downloading my knowledge, strategies and hacks... the same ones that have earned me over 24 million dollars helping businesses like yours.

You will have full access to the proprietary SMRT Marketing Platform and the brand new SMRT Prompt Generator.  These tools combined with my expertise and hand-holding will assure you achieve what you set out to achieve better, faster and with less effort.

I will also (nicely) hold you accountable through our custom Accountability Community.  This is a private custom community where we will share ideas, challenges, breakthroughs, prompts and more.  You will have weekly worksheets to hold you accountable to YOUR goals and assure this is the single best investment you've ever made in your practice.

It's time doc.

Time to be proactive.  Time to be on the edge.  Time to invest in you.

Join us for the SMRT 90 Day Practice Accelerator by investing now.

There's a lot of hype in our profession. This is very real.  The power of harnessing AI and automation through the SMRT platform along with training from Dr. David is the most significant opportunity our profession has seen in decades.

You'll either learn to surf this giant wave or you'll get left pulled under by it- the choice is yours.

Let Dr. David and SMRT teach your how to shred.


A Few Examples of the Power of the SMRT Platform:

  • Streamlining communication with 2-way text and email conversation: Master AI-driven tools for efficient and personalized communication, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Optimizining GMB messaging: Learn to leverage AI for improving your Google My Business presence, driving more traffic and increasing visibility for your chiropractic practice.
  • Integrating web chat for seamless patient interaction: Implement AI-powered web chat solutions to provide instant support and answer patient queries, elevating the overall experience.
  • Boosting your reputation with reputation management: Gain insights into using AI for monitoring and managing your online reputation, ensuring positive reviews and attracting new patients.
  • Enhancing patient reach with Facebook Messenger: Discover how to utilize AI with Facebook Messenger, expanding your communication channels and nurturing patient relationships.
  • Minimizing missed opportunities with missed call text back: Learn to use AI for sending automated text messages to missed callers, reducing missed appointments and increasing practice efficiency.
  • Maximizing email marketing potential: Master AI-based email marketing strategies, personalizing and targeting campaigns to increase patient engagement and practice growth.
  • Leveraging SMS and email templates: Utilize AI-generated templates for crafting effective and personalized SMS and email messages, saving time and ensuring consistent communication.
  • Planning social media with the social planner: Discover how to harness AI for creating and scheduling engaging social media content, boosting your practice's online presence and reach.
  • Creating high-converting websites and funnels: Learn to build AI-powered websites and sales funnels, attracting more patients and increasing conversion rates.
  • Utilizing Our Proprietary SMRT Prompt Generator: Take your content to the next level using the platform's built-in prompt generator to create targeted content, as well as pre-made and tested example prompts for engaging marketing materials, follow-ups, and more

Unleashing the Power of AI: the SMRT 90 Day Schedule

  • Getting You Up to Speed

    We will get you up to speed on all things SMRT, AI, and Automations with a rigorous live Zoom training once a week for 4 weeks, building the foundations for success and ease using AI and the SMRT System

  • Entering Expert Mode

    Once you have the basics mastered and are ready to take it #NextLevel, we will switch to live Zoom training once every other week for 6 weeks, giving you ample time to implement, experiment, and optimize between trainings

  • Private SMRT Community

    Private custom community training interface for additional support, training, and mentoring. This is where ideas are created, assistance is available, and AI brainstorming begins!

  • Keeping You on Track

    Automated worksheets to track your progress and keep you on track towards success. We’ll make sure you tackle every aspect of AI and the SMRT platform, from optimizing your marketing campaigns, to creating the best ChatGPT Prompts possible