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Learn to Leverage the Power of ChatGPT
and Supercharge Your Practice Success

Welcome to the Simplify to Amplify Live 2 Day Intensive!

If we haven't met, I'm Dr. David Jackson and I'm excited to share how AI will transform your practice. If you're dedicated to growing your practice, making more impact, and reaping more financial rewards while enjoying a balanced, epic life full of family, fun, and freedom, this intensive is for YOU.

This is an 'Intensive' for a reason... it will be intense!

I have over 500+ hours into ChatGPT for chiros and I have a LOT to share with you. But if you're just looking for a few prompts that can help you with a post or email, sit this one out. We are going to dive deep into what ChatGPT can do and discover the immense value you can gain from mastering it.

At the end of our 5 hours together, you will be on the cutting-edge of how to leverage ChatGPT and Automations to help you make more Impact, more Profit and gain more Freedom... BIG time.

There is so much is hyped up in our profession, yet the power of leveraging AI (ChatGPT) and automations are THE biggest opportunity this profession has seen in decades. Gary V recently said:

"If you are not using AI tool everyday of your life, you're making a huge mistake"


Because once you truly understand the inherent power of ChatGPT to simplify your systems, vastly improve your communications and 10x your marketing, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Then when you realize how much time it saves you (SO much), you'll nominate it for 'employee of the month'... again 😉

During This Free Intensive You'll Discover:

  • How to Simplify Your Thinking
  • How to Simplify Your Messaging
  • How to Simplify Your Strategy
  • How to Simplify Your Time
  • How to Amplify Your Results

And Learn:

  • The Philosophy: the Why and How to Simplify to Amplify
  • The Science: how to leverage ChatGPT to produce big results
  • The Art: how to set up Automations to produce consistent results with minimal effort.

You won't just be in listen mode during this event- you'll have ChatGPT open and creating REAL results along with me live in real-time.

Discover how to harness AI/ChatGPT to boost your practice, attract new patients, enhance conversion, and improve retention while regaining time and freedom you deserve.

Register above and clear your calendar on May 2nd & 4th from 12pm - 2:30pm Central.

You don't want to miss out on The Simplify to Amplify 2 Day Intensive and I'm excited to see you there!

BE Epic-
Dr. David Jackson
Founder- Simplify to Amplify

P.S.- Yes, recordings of the event will be made available but you MUST be registered to receive notification of them.

P.P.S.- Even if you have office hour, change them if you can... we'll be working real-time during the live intensive.

It's Time to Harness the Power of the Future... the Power of AI.  Join Us!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you