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Make 2022 YOUR year!

During this Free Masterclass, Dr. David Jackson will guide you through the proven process of creating YOUR Success Blueprint for 2022. You'll learn to properly assess your current reality, clarify your vision and set your goals to achieve your dreams.

You'll be introduced to a powerful set of planning tools- the proprietary Epic Marketing Calendar, 2022 Action Planner, and Strategic worksheets to build YOUR Plan and make execution and results a reality.

This Masterclass is zero fluff, so if you're ready to make 2022 your best year in practice AND in life, join us and let's roll up our sleeves and get it done!

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Creating YOUR Epic Life Key #1: Owning Your Business

You became a DC to serve and to make a great living. Building a practice that produces results, wealth and freedom are essential to fulfillment but most DC's don't truly OWN their business- it owns them. The short term result of this suck, the long term are tragic. Discover how to assure that your business works for you and produces the Epic Life you Deserve!

Creating YOUR Epic Life Key #2: Your Life Blueprint

Most DC's spend more time on planning a trip to Disney World than they do planning their life. We all know that you can't build your dream home without a detailed plan so why do you think you can build a dream life without a blueprint? The problem is that you haven't been shown exactly HOW to create and execute a plan to build YOUR Epic Life... until now!

Creating YOUR Epic Life Key #3: 'Balance' is BS

Overwhelmed and burnt out? You work hard to seek 'balance' between work and family. The problem? Balance is a BS concept and will never be achieved when you run a business. What MUST be achieved is consistent movement from 100% business to 100% family, etc much like a pendulum. Mastering this one strategy will help produce an Epic Life beyond your dreams.

Your Quality of Life Matters. You're here to serve your community without sacrificing YOUR quality of life and that of your families. Attend this Masterclass if you want to:

  • Discover the True Purpose of Your Business
  • Gain More Practice Growth Leverage Than You've Ever Had
  • Learn the Power of a Personal Success Blueprint
  • Discover Proprietary Planning Tools to Build Your Epic Life
  • Assure You Stay on Top of YOUR Game All Year
  • Learn From a True Expert in Life and Practice Growth

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  • Gear 1 - The Success Mindset
  • Gear 2 - Certainty From our Science
  • Gear 3 - Communicating Value
  • Gear 4 - Marketing That Works
  • Gear 5 - Simplicity Systems
  • Gear 6 - Clinical Excellence
  • Gear 7 - Care Planning for Life
  • Gear 8 - Conversions Without Selling
  • Gear 9 - Profitability for Life
  • Gear 10 - Leading Your Team
  • Gear 11 - Triple Digit Retention
  • Gear 12 - Creating Your Epic Life

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