How To Use Microsoft Outlook Essential Tutorial Guide

Whether you are new to Outlook or need a refresher, these practical tutorials will benefit anyone who uses email regularly to communicate. Use flags, categories, and folders to organize messages. Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

  • In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add files such as word processor documents, spreadsheets, databases, or presentations along with video and audio files to your email messages.
  • A former freelance contributor who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since 1997.
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server (if setting up an on-premise Exchange Server) or Microsoft® Office 365™ licenses The Office 365 plan you use depends on the licensing available in your environment.

After all, your words may be powerful, but if there are typos or grammatical mistakes, your email message can look less valid and legitimate. In this lesson, you’ll learn different ways to proofread and edit email messages. You’ll explore the search and replace feature, learn how to create hyperlinks for email and website addresses, learn how to use the signature feature, and explore different styles for your email messages.

Insert A Graphic Or Animation In Your Outlook Email Signature

Those who prefer a testing location and non-ONLC students should visit Certiport’s list of locations to schedule an exam. Explore our resource center Microsoft Outlook 2019 Lessons to find templates to help you get the job done, job interview tips, insights to tackle your biggest project management challenges, and so much more.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 Lessons

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The second is for courses that include an online quiz (currently over 80% of our courses). The Certificates of Completion are offered as part of the online test/quiz, which accompanies the course. You will need a passing grade of 70% in order to receive a Certificate. All of our courses are compatible with iPhones and iPads and most Android devices. If you are looking to confirm that it works for you, feel free to view the free preview videos offered for each course. Use Outlook for all your email tasks by configuring Windows to recognize Outlook as your default email program. That way, the next time you click a mail-to link, Outlook opens.

  • That way, the next time you click a mail-to link, Outlook opens.
  • In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a task list, tag and add details to a task, and manage your tasks.
  • You’ll also get familiar with Outlook’s user interface to help you feel comfortable using the program.
  • If you save your Outlook contacts as a CSV file, you can easily import them elsewhere.

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Are led and assisted by seasoned instructors with decades of experience using the software and teaching. Or choose to learn on your own with our self-study On-Demand Outlook classes. Students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Outlook 2019 or more experienced Outlook users who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2019 interface.

Office 2007

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about using Outlook’s calendar feature to create and store appointments. You’ll identify the different ways to view and use the calendar.

Understanding what your Outlook email system can do is the first step to saving time and working more effectively. Use rules and Quick Steps to automate message management. Customize Outlook by inserting links, creating rules and setting an email signature. This course is perfect for you if you think you will benefit from learning how to use these and other tools to get more done and increase your productivity.

Outlook has many uses including sending/receiving correspondence, creating calendars, planning meetings and scheduling appointments. It can also be used to coordinate resources, sending marketing messages plus there are features for action items, voting buttons and more. This integrated solution will help you manage your time, be on time for appointments and remain in control of the information that reaches you. The current Outlook version has new features like inking tools, data types, functions, motion graphics, among other options to help you communicate faster and easier.

Searching Mail

We started our company in 2008 with our first course for Excel 2007. Since that time, our company has published over 80 courses, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers in over 180 countries. The first applies to all courses and is awarded on completing 100% of the course.

Not only will you learn how to compose and send your first email, these Outlook tutorials will show you how to organize your Outlook email inbox effectively. In our first four years alone, we serviced tens of thousands of satisfied customers in over 180 countries. Learn Microsoft Outlook with this comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Outlook is a terrific program to learn, as the skills that learned in Outlook can save valuable time and money by automating, organizing, and structuring the scheduling and management capabilities of your company. ONLC has complete solutions so training coordinators can successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their budget. Training can be via our public schedule or private sessions delivered virtually or in-person on-site.

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  • For large corporations, Outlook is the email client standard that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft environments and Exchange server.
  • Check out our resource guides to learn more about the graphic design tools that will help you to achieve your design dreams.
  • Unless you have permanently deleted a message, Outlook retains all the messages from a particular sender in a folder.
  • A set of email correspondence tips that are good reminders of online professionalism and etiquette.
  • If you don’t want to constantly purge deleted messages from your IMAP inbox in Outlook and don’t want to see messages that should be gone, hide the messages marked for deletion from view.

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about using Outlook to store contact information of the people most important to you for business and personal use. You’ll learn how to create and keep contacts, sharing and search contacts, and group and sort contacts. This lesson is all about polishing your text, so everything is correct.

Set The Default Account In Outlook

Check out our resource guides to learn more about the graphic design tools that will help you to achieve your design dreams. From accounting software tips, to taxes and financial modelling techniques, our resource center has free guides to help you gain the finance knowledge you are looking for. Whether you want to do XLOOKUP, COUNTIF, CONCATENATE or simply merge cells, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step guides to the most important tools, formulas, and functions in Excel. Use the Address Book and format and spell check new messages.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 Lessons

Learn the most common Outlook shortcut keys in this tutorial. Jump into one of these comprehensive beginner Outlook tutorials. Or bookmark this guide to start working through each helpful subject as you have time. CustomGuide helps over 3,000 organizations measure & improve their users’ skills for success in today’s workplace. Interesting Reads Take a class with us and receive a book of your choosing for 50% off MSRP.

If you want to send an email to a group of people but keep their email addresses hidden, send it to “Undisclosed recipients” in Outlook. Ryan Perian is a certified IT specialist who holds numerous IT certifications and has 12+ years’ experience working in the IT industry support and management positions. From Excel to photo editing, experience quality courses that ensure easy learning. A test from home option is available for current ONLC students. Qualified ONLC students should complete the Home Exam request form to schedule an at home exam .

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Beginners Course

You’ll also explore setting and viewing appointments, as well as managing, editing, and sharing these appointments. Outlook offers a way to store names and contact information in a database. Not only can this database grow as large as necessary, but no matter how big it gets, Outlook still makes it easy for you to search and find the information you need quickly and accurately.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add files such as word processor documents, spreadsheets, databases, or presentations along with video and audio files to your email messages. You’ll also learn how to add images to email messages and edit these using word wrapping and other methods. Whether for personal use or work, everyone needs to stay organized. Every day, millions of email messages are exchanged among people within and between organizations.

Learn all of the features of Microsoft Outlook 2019 with Professor Teaches training. Tasks can be assigned to an assistant or co-worker via email, and an automated response keeps you updated on the status. How to print a hard copy of the calendar and good tips for calendar management. When you find yourself searching for an appointment or an open date, changing the Calendar view will help zoom into details or view a month at a glance.